• Overview : The Tamanu Hero Cleanser is an oil-to-foam cleanser developed with PINKWONDER's unique technology to gently remove impurities from within the pores and provide immediate hydration.
      The Basic Pure Face Towel is a disposable face towel made of 100% biodegradable cotton. With its soft surface, it provides a gentle cleansing without irritating the skin and helps tidy up any residue.

      ▪︎ Functionality for soothing acne-prone skin
      ▪︎ Free from harmful substances/chemicals detection
    • Price : $34.62
    • Product Summary : Tamanu Hero Cleanser150ml
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 04. 26

    Tamanu Hero Cleanser

    Tamanu Hero Cleanser150ml


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    • Overview : The Tamanu oil and natural mineral clay are abundantly infused in the mask to provide pore care and help refine the skin's texture. Made with eco-friendly materials, the mask offers a gentle and snug fit, ensuring optimal adherence to the skin without causing irritation.

      ▪︎ Oeko-Tex certified fabric
      ▪︎ Biodegradable fabric testing completed
      ▪︎ Eco-friendly cotton liner
      ▪︎ 24% reduction in pore count
      ▪︎ 28% improvement in pore area
      ▪︎ 13% improvement in pore depth
      ▪︎ 31% improvement in pore volume
      ▪︎ 34% reduction in blackheads
      ▪︎ 27% reduction in impurities inside the pores (sebum)
      ▪︎ No detection of harmful substances
    • Price : $18.46
    • Product Summary : Tamanu Hero Clay-Fit Mask13g x 3ea
    • Expiry Date : 2026. 10. 29

    Tamanu Hero Clay-Fit Mask

    Tamanu Hero Clay-Fit Mask13g x 3ea


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    • Overview : PINKWONDER's exclusive technology, Tamanu Hero Calming Gel, is developed with Israeli Golden Jojoba Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, and Panthenol, providing non-sticky, moisturizing benefits. It is suitable for all skin types and helps soothe sensitive skin.

      ▪︎ MultiEx BSASM Plus patented ingredient (*limited to the characteristics of the ingredient)
    • Price : $34.62
    • Product Summary : Tamanu Hero Calming Gel150ml
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 09. 22

    Tamanu Hero Calming Gel

    Tamanu Hero Calming Gel150ml


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    • Overview : It contains Tamanu oil, which helps moisturize dry skin while improving troubles and reducing pigmentation.
      It also includes Hwangryun root extract, a key ingredient for heat care, and a patented ingredient that helps regulate excessive sebum production in troubled skin. By providing moisture, it helps achieve a clear and smooth skin tone.

      ▪︎ Tested and suitable for acne-prone skin
      ▪︎ Immediate decrease in skin temperature by 4.6℃
      ▪︎ 103% improvement in skin tone
      ▪︎ 31% reduction in blackheads
      ▪︎ 34% reduction in sebum
      ▪︎ Tested for low skin irritation
    • Price : $68.46
    • Product Summary : Tamanu Hero Ampoule50ml
    • Expiry Date : 2025.10.18

    Tamanu Hero Ampoule

    Tamanu Hero Ampoule50ml


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