• Overview : Pink Wonder My Lip Butter Keyring is a holder and keyring product that can carry 'Johoba Butter Bomb' or 'Johoba Lip Butter' with a soft butter silhouette. Join jojoba lip products every day with key rings reminiscent of savory butter.

      Made of silicone, it provides a soft buttery texture, and with excellent durability and protection, it can be hung on bags and pouches, helping to provide lip care anytime, anywhere.

      Meet the natural and healthy beauty up close.

      *Johoba Butter Balm & Lip Butter may fade over time due to exposure to direct sunlight during external activities, but it is a natural phenomenon, so you can use it with confidence.
    • Price : $19.23
    • Product Summary : My Lip Butter Keyring1ea

    My Lip Butter Keyring

    My Lip Butter Keyring1ea


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    • Overview : The Pink Wonder Sculp Massager is a scalp massager made of luxurious material (reminiscent of mother-of-pearl). It not only flexibly relieves the tense scalp, but also easily cares for the neck, temples, and body where blood tends to accumulate, making it a great home aesthetic tool.

      SIZE: 10.5cm * 5.5cm * 2cm
    • Price : $29.23
    • Product Summary : Scalp Massager1ea

    Scalp Massager

    Scalp Massager1ea


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    • Overview : This is a signature shopping bag made with PINKWONDER’s artwork. Use it when gifting PINKWONDER products. FSC® certified 100% eco-friendly paper that can be recycled.

      - S: W23 x D10 x H16 (cm)
      - M: W21 x D12.5 x H26.5 (cm)
    • Price : $2.31
    • Product Summary : Shopping BagS, M

    Shopping Bag

    Shopping BagS, M


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    • Overview : This PINKWONDER Bag is made with high-quality waterproof Tarporin fabric, providing excellent water-resistance for daily use. It is designed in a size that allows you to carry and store all PINKWONDER products conveniently. The bag has a sturdy bottom, ensuring stable storage of your belongings.

      SIZE: W35 x D35 x H47 (cm)
    • Price : $26.92
    • Product Summary : PINKWONDER BagPKWD




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    • Overview : PINKWONDER Pouch made of tarpaulin fabric with excellent water resistance. It is a size that can safely carry and store all of PINKWONDER's products.

      SIZE: W20 x D11 x H3.5 (cm)
    • Price : $29.23
    • Product Summary : PINKWONDER PouchPKWD




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