Created by Healer

When PINKWONDER was launched, Korea was still unfamiliar with natural cosmetics. PINKWONDER firmly believed that raw materials from nature would enhance the natural strength of our skin. Based on this belief, through constant contemplation and diligent study, PINKWONDER was already acquainted with the concept of 'naturalism,' which has since gained worldwide attention. This concept further enriched the essence of PINKWONDER. Moreover, what mattered most to PINKWONDER was the use of useful and high-purity raw materials, ensuring transparent quality that could be presented to anyone with confidence. From the very beginning and until now, the quality of raw materials is something PINKWONDER never compromises on.

In the pursuit of the best raw materials, PINKWONDER traveled all over the world and arrived at a farm in Israel. The soil and weather conditions there were ideal for growing jojoba. The farm cultivated jojoba fruit through organic farming methods, driven by a deep reverence for nature and farming. Since the obtained fruits should not go to waste, the producers adhered to formulating them with high purity as natural ingredients. This farm aligned with the direction of PINKWONDER, conveying sincerity and earnestness, ultimately becoming close partners. It was through this collaboration that PINKWONDER's signature organic golden jojoba oil was born. Currently, the 'PINKWONDER Plantation Zone' has been established there, exclusively contracting jojoba grown in a specific area to ensure meticulous care of the raw materials.

PINKWONDER's focus extended beyond good raw materials alone. After changing lifestyles, skincare methods, and mindsets, PINKWONDER experienced firsthand how lives could be transformed. Consequently, research was conducted on global expertise to acquire skincare knowledge worthy of the essence, rather than being overwhelmed by superficial information. Recognizing the interconnectedness of skin and state of mind, PINKWONDER delved into wellness, meditation, mind control, and healthy living routines. These cumulative efforts propelled PINKWONDER onto the world stage, including Japan, the United States, and France. Following the Seoul headquarters, a second office was opened in New York, USA.

The journey continues. Some may consider it sufficient, but PINKWONDER sets a higher standard of quality and pursues new levels of perfection. Just as the exceptional golden jojoba oil was discovered, PINKWONDER strives to uncover beneficial natural extracts such as top-class Tamanu oil and neroli oil. This allows for addressing various skin concerns through a segmented product lineup. Professional beauty masters analyze the ever-changing lifestyles of modern people. PINKWONDER provides clear information on product ingredients and functions, ensuring users' aesthetic satisfaction and sense of security. Deep consideration is given to product packaging and recycling practices that prioritize the environment.

The revelation of natural and healthy beauty occurs when such products are combined with a sustainable way of life. Making this possible is the mission of PINKWONDER.