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    • Overview : If you notice that melanin pigmentation, freckles, and other dark spots become more visible, and your skin starts to darken due to seasonal temperature changes and daily exposure to UV rays, it's important to understand the causes of skin darkening. In the cleansing step, thorough exfoliation is essential not only for skin texture refinement but also for allowing the skin to absorb sufficient nutrients. Choosing a skincare line that includes naturally derived whitening functional ingredients can gradually brighten the skin from the basic skincare steps.

      Order of product use:
      "Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser" → "Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash" → "Neroli Brightening Mist" → "Jojoba Oil" → "Neroli Brightening Serum" → "Jojoba Vita Cream"

      • Cleansing:
      1) Dispense an appropriate amount of "Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser" onto dry hands and gently massage it onto your dry face. Then, moisten your hands with water and continue massaging in a gentle, circular motion. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
      2) Dispense an appropriate amount of "Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash" onto wet hands and create a rich lather. Gently cleanse your face using the foam.

      • Basic Skincare Routine:
      1) Apply 3-4 drops of 'Jojoba Oil' on your cheeks and spread it out, gently massaging it into your skin until absorbed.
      2) Spray 'Neroli Brightening Mist' 2-3 times all over your face and allow it to be fully absorbed.
      3) Apply a small amount of ‘Neroli Brightening Serum’ and allow it to be fully absorbed by giving it some time.
      4) Finally, apply a thin layer of 'Jojoba Vita Cream'.

      * It is even better to carry the 'Neroli Brightening Mist' with you and spray it intermittently for continuous brightening effects.
    • Retail Price : $302.00
    • Price : $256.70
    • Product Summary : Darkening Routine SetDarkening
    • Discounted Price : $246.70
    • Expiry Date : Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser 2026.01.25 / Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash 2026.02.07 / Neroli Brightening Mist 2026.03.30 / Jojoba Oil 2024.11.30 / Tamanu Hero Ampoule 2026.02.01 / Jojoba Vita Cream 2025.02.26
    • Overview : Jojoba mochi-vation™ Cream Mask is a wash-off type mask that nourishes the skin with a chewy cream formulation blended with high-quality Yeo-ju rice fermentation ingredients and brightens the skin. You can immediately experience a clear complexion and smooth skin texture with just one use.

      ▪︎ It helps to improve pore water immediately (temporarily)
      ▪︎ It helps to improve the pore area immediately (temporarily)
      ▪︎ It helps to improve pore volume immediately (temporarily)
      ▪︎ Helps with immediate (temporary) pore tightening effect
      ▪︎ Helps improve immediate (temporary) cheek lifting
      ▪︎ It helps to improve the skin density (temporary) immediately.
      ▪︎ It helps with immediate (temporary) skin tone improvement.
      ▪︎ It helps to relieve immediate (temporary) facial swelling.
      ▪︎ It helps to improve skin roughness immediately (temporary)
      ▪︎ It helps with immediate (temporary) skin exfoliation.
      ▪︎ It helps to improve the moisturizing effect of your skin immediately (temporarily)
      ▪︎ Skin hypoallergenic test completed
    • Price : $48.00
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Mochi-Vation™ Cream Mask 90g
    • Expiry Date : 2026. 01. 25
    • Overview : Hojoba Elephant Cushion SPF 40 PA++ (12g + Refill 12g)
      This is the world's first jojoba elephant cushion completed with the combination of Israeli golden jojoba seed oil and bottled glue extract.The moisturizing base adheres evenly to the skin to maintain moisture and block ultraviolet rays.Moist application without stickiness gives a refreshing finish and helps the makeup last longer.

    • Price : $58.00
    • Product Summary : Makeup set.12g +Refill 12g
    • Expiry Date : 2024. 09. 19
    • Overview : The Tamanu oil and natural mineral clay are abundantly infused in the mask to provide pore care and help refine the skin's texture. Made with eco-friendly materials, the mask offers a gentle and snug fit, ensuring optimal adherence to the skin without causing irritation.

      ▪︎ Oeko-Tex certified fabric
      ▪︎ Biodegradable fabric testing completed
      ▪︎ Eco-friendly cotton liner
      ▪︎ 24% reduction in pore count
      ▪︎ 28% improvement in pore area
      ▪︎ 13% improvement in pore depth
      ▪︎ 31% improvement in pore volume
      ▪︎ 34% reduction in blackheads
      ▪︎ 27% reduction in impurities inside the pores (sebum)
      ▪︎ No detection of harmful substances
    • Price : $24.00
    • Product Summary : Tamanu Hero Clay-Fit Mask13g x 3ea
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 11. 28
    • Overview : Moments enveloped in soft foam with a pleasant fragrance.
      Start your skincare with the beneficial and pure READY TO RITUAL SOAP EDITION. Meet the body and hand soap that gently cares for accumulated dead skin

      Jojoba Soap
      ▪︎Sparkling fresh citrus scent
      ▪︎Patented Ingredient ECM-5
      ▪︎Strong moisturizing and prevention of moisture loss with Jojoba Seed Oil and Hydrolyzed Elastin
      ▪︎Elasticity for skin aged by external factors

      Neroli Soap
      ▪︎A captivating floral scent from a well-tended garden
      ▪︎Patented Ingredient V-Peptide
      ▪︎Effective for whitening and blemish removal
      ▪︎Contains 12 vitamins to address various skin concerns such as moisturizing, antioxidant, and trouble

      Tamanu Soap
      ▪︎A rich forest scent starting from deep underground roots
      ▪︎Patented Ingredient DERMATIC AC3
      Helps control sebum, alleviate trouble, and boost immunity
      ▪︎Aids in improving pigmentation issues

    • Price : $39.00
    • Product Summary : Ready To Ritual Soap Edition9/11~13
    • Expiry Date : 2026.09.05
    • Overview : The Tamanu Hero Cleanser is an oil-to-foam cleanser developed with PINKWONDER's unique technology to gently remove impurities from within the pores and provide immediate hydration.
      The Basic Pure Face Towel is a disposable face towel made of 100% biodegradable cotton. With its soft surface, it provides a gentle cleansing without irritating the skin and helps tidy up any residue.

      ▪︎ Functionality for soothing acne-prone skin
      ▪︎ Free from harmful substances/chemicals detection
    • Price : $45.00
    • Product Summary : Tamanu Hero Cleanser150ml
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 04. 26
    • Overview : PINKWONDER's exclusive technology, Tamanu Hero Calming Gel, is developed with Israeli Golden Jojoba Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, and Panthenol, providing non-sticky, moisturizing benefits. It is suitable for all skin types and helps soothe sensitive skin.

      ▪︎ MultiEx BSASM Plus patented ingredient (*limited to the characteristics of the ingredient)
    • Price : $45.00
    • Product Summary : Tamanu Hero Calming Gel150ml
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 09. 22
    • Overview : PINKWONDER's jojoba oil contains the energy of Israel's top-grade golden jojoba seed oil.
      It provides abundant moisture and nourishment to all skin types, and can be safely used even on sensitive skin.

      ▪︎ Improvement in skin moisturization with just one use
      ▪︎ Improvement in transepidermal water loss with just one use
      ▪︎ Improvement in skin exfoliation with just one use
      ▪︎ Anti-dryness effect with just one use
      ▪︎ Three-layered moisturizing effect with just one use
      ▪︎ 72-hour moisture holding with just one use
      ▪︎ Protection against moisture evaporation with just one use
      ▪︎ Improvement in skin barrier with just one use
      ▪︎ Tested for low skin irritation
      ▪︎ Free from harmful substances.
    • Price : $52.31
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Oil50ml
    • Expiry Date : 호호바오일 : 2025.01.29
    • Overview : This is a Jojoba Toner formulated with 1st grade Golden Jojoba Seed Oil from Israel and patented extract of wild strawberry leaves. It is the result of extensive research and is a perfect blend of moisturizing essence.
      It delivers immediate hydration and rich nutrients to the skin.

      ▪︎ Winner of the 2021 Seoul Award
      ▪︎ Tested for low skin irritation
      ▪︎ Contains patented ingredient of wild strawberry leaf extract
    • Price : $42.00
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Toner200ml
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 12. 18
    • Overview : This is the Jojoba Vita Cream, formulated with Israel's finest grade Golden jojoba Seed Oil and a combination of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B12.
      The cream contains Vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, which helps moisturize the skin, and a red-colored water-soluble form of Vitamin B12 called cyanocobalamin, which effectively soothes skin itching.
      The cream utilizes liquid crystal technology to provide relief for dry skin itching

      ▪︎ Provides 80% relief from itching caused by dryness.
      ▪︎ Increases skin moisture content by 71%.
      ▪︎ Reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by 23%.
      ▪︎ Successfully passed skin irritation testing, indicating it is gentle on the skin.
    • Price : $79.00
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Vita Cream 100ml
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 02. 26
    • Overview : Jojoba seed extract, jojoba seed oil, and an 8-layer hyaluronic acid complex are infused in this sheet mask, providing immediate and deep hydration to the skin.
      The mask is made of a water gel-type vegan fabric that adheres transparently and fits tightly to the skin.

      ▪︎ Vegan-certified fabric
      ▪︎ Fabric biodegradability test completed
      ▪︎ Environmentally friendly cellulose material
    • Price : $45.00
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Deep Moisture Sheet Mask23ml x 5ea
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 11. 03
    • Overview : The Neroli Brightening Serum is a skincare product that helps restore the natural transparency of the skin. It contains Neroliatica™, a nourishing and soothing ingredient that deeply absorbs into the skin, providing a continuous moisturizing sensation. With regular use, it helps improve skin tone and skin texture. The lightweight gel formula of the serum allows for multiple layers without any stickiness, forming a moisturizing barrier and leaving the skin brighter and clearer.
      (*Subject to the characteristics of the ingredients)

      ▪︎ Dual functionality for whitening and wrinkle improvement
      ▪︎ Helps improve immediate surface moisturization of the skin
      ▪︎ Helps improve immediate skin radiance and glow
      ▪︎ Provides immediate moisturizing and luminous effect
      ▪︎ Helps improve discoloration (such as freckles, blemishes, and melasma)
      ▪︎ Tested for low skin irritation
    • Price : $58.00
    • Product Summary : Neroli Brightening Serum30ml
    • Expiry Date : 2026. 04. 02
    • Overview : The Neroli Brightening Mist is an acidic-type mist that contains concentrated nutrients from Neroli petals. Enriched with Neroliatica™ and natural moisturizing factors, it helps maintain skin hydration and provides antioxidant effects for healthy-looking skin. The natural and elegant scent of Neroli helps soothe the skin from accumulated stress caused by external harmful factors. The sensory and elegant aromatic formula, with an optimal blend of oil and moisture layers, helps keep the skin moisturized and radiant for a long time.
      (Note: *Subject to the characteristics of the ingredients)

      ▪︎ Whitening and wrinkle improvement.
      ▪︎ Improve the brightness of the skin tone
      ▪︎ After three uses, you'll notice brighter skin with each application
      ▪︎ Skin hypoallergenic test completed
    • Price : $45.00
    • Product Summary : Neroli Brightening Mist70ml
    • Expiry Date : 2026. 03. 30
    • Overview : Nerolitica™, the key ingredient in the Neroli line, along with natural enzymes extracted from papaya fruit, gently removes dead skin cells and effectively clears out sebum and impurities from the pores, providing a revitalizing effect on the skin. This powder-type cleanser creates a dense and rich foam when mixed with water, forming a velvety coating on the skin. It delivers excellent moisturizing and protective effects, leaving the skin hydrated, smooth, and refreshed even after cleansing. (※ This description is based on the characteristics of the ingredients)

      ▪︎ Provides immediate (temporary) improvement in blackhead appearance
      ▪︎ Provides immediate (temporary) improvement in skin texture
      ▪︎ Provides immediate (temporary) improvement in natural skin tone
      ▪︎ Tested for low irritation on sensitive skin
      ▪︎ Tested for skin compatibility and low irritation
    • Price : $75.00
    • Product Summary : Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash1g x 40ea
    • Expiry Date : 2026.02.07
    • Overview : Our Balm to Oil cleanser is formulated with Neroli oil, which brightens the skin, and a highly effective plant ingredient known for its soothing properties. This unique recipe, exclusive to PINKWONDER, combines these ingredients with a gel-like texture. It gently approaches tired pores and skin that have been worn out by various harmful substances and irritants, providing a comfortable and soft cleansing experience. The transparent oil balm formula adheres closely to the skin, effectively melting away makeup and residue. Please note that these effects are based on the specific characteristics of the ingredients used.

      ▪︎ Provides immediate (temporary) improvement in skin exfoliation.
      ▪︎ Helps improve immediate (temporary) skin oiliness.
      ▪︎ Assists in immediate (temporary) improvement of bare skin complexion.
      ▪︎ Offers immediate (temporary) cleansing efficacy.
      ▪︎ Tested for low irritation on sensitive skin.
      ▪︎ Tested for skin compatibility with low irritation.
    • Price : $45.00
    • Product Summary : Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser120g
    • Expiry Date : 2026. 01. 25
    • Overview : It is a PINKWONDER silicone pack brush that can apply any type of pack to the skin evenly and tightly. It helps to spread and apply the pack easily without irritating the skin, and delicately cares even the curved lines. A dedicated pouch is included for clean carrying and storage.

      SIZE: W3 x H10 (cm)
    • Price : $9.00
    • Product Summary : Silicon Pack Brush1ea
    • Overview : This is an exclusive spray for PINKWONDER's Jojoba Toner. It is made of the best quality to use as a mist by evenly delivering the moisture and nutrients of the Jojoba Toner to the skin.
    • Price : $4.50
    • Product Summary : Spray for Jojoba Toner1ea
    • Expiry Date : -
    • Overview : After soaking the toner or cleansing water in the Vegan Pure Pad so that it is sufficiently absorbed, use the built-in tongs to remove one sheet at a time.

      ▪︎ 100% vegan fabric
    • Price : $13.00
    • Product Summary : Vegan Pure Pad70pcs
    • Expiry Date : -
    • Overview : Wet the toner or cleansing water thoroughly in the vegan pure pad before using it.

      ▪︎ 100% vegan fabric
    • Price : $18.00
    • Product Summary : Vegan Pure Pad Refill200pcs
    • Expiry Date : -
    • Overview : A disposable face towel made from 100% biodegradable cotton linters. The soft cross section cleans away residues without irritating the skin.

      ▪︎100% pure cotton
      ▪︎No harmful substances detected
      ▪︎No formaldehyde detected
      ▪︎Fluorescent whitening agent not detected
      ▪︎100% vegan fabric
      ▪︎Certified biodegradable fabric
      ▪︎Oeko-Tex certified fabric
    • Price : $22.00
    • Product Summary : Basic Pure Face Towel100pcs
    • Expiry Date : -
    • Overview : This is a signature shopping bag made with PINKWONDER’s artwork. Use it when gifting PINKWONDER products. FSC® certified 100% eco-friendly paper that can be recycled.

      - S: W23 x D10 x H16 (cm)
      - M: W21 x D12.5 x H26.5 (cm)
    • Price : $3.00
    • Product Summary : Shopping BagS, M
    • Price : $6.92
    • Product Summary : 핑크원더 스크런치3ea
    • Overview : This PINKWONDER Bag is made with high-quality waterproof Tarporin fabric, providing excellent water-resistance for daily use. It is designed in a size that allows you to carry and store all PINKWONDER products conveniently. The bag has a sturdy bottom, ensuring stable storage of your belongings.

      SIZE: W35 x D35 x H47 (cm)
    • Price : $35.00
    • Product Summary : PINKWONDER BagPKWD
    • Overview : PINKWONDER Pouch made of tarpaulin fabric with excellent water resistance. It is a size that can safely carry and store all of PINKWONDER's products.

      SIZE: W20 x D11 x H3.5 (cm)
    • Price : $38.00
    • Product Summary : PINKWONDER PouchPKWD
    • Overview : It contains Tamanu oil, which helps moisturize dry skin while improving troubles and reducing pigmentation.
      It also includes Hwangryun root extract, a key ingredient for heat care, and a patented ingredient that helps regulate excessive sebum production in troubled skin. By providing moisture, it helps achieve a clear and smooth skin tone.

      ▪︎ Tested and suitable for acne-prone skin
      ▪︎ Immediate decrease in skin temperature by 4.6℃
      ▪︎ 103% improvement in skin tone
      ▪︎ 31% reduction in blackheads
      ▪︎ 34% reduction in sebum
      ▪︎ Tested for low skin irritation
    • Price : $6.92
    • Product Summary : Tamanu Hero Ampoule50ml
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