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    • Overview : Jojoba Oil contains the energy of Israeli grade 1 golden Jojoba Oil. It provides abundant moisture and nutrition to all skin types, and sensitive skin can be used with confidence.

      Jojoba Oil
      ▪︎ German Dermatest Excellence Rating
      ▪︎ Improve your skin's moisturizing ability with just one use
      ▪︎ Improve transdermal water loss in just one use
      ▪︎ Improve dead skin cells in just one use
      ▪︎ Anti-dry effect in just one use
      ▪︎ 3 types of moisture layered effect in just one use.
      ▪︎ Hold moisture for 72 hours in just one use
      ▪︎ Moisture protection that will evaporate in just one use
      ▪︎ Improve skin barrier with just one use
      ▪︎ Skin hypoallergenic test completed
      ▪︎ No hazardous substances detected

      PINKWONDER Jojoba Oil does not contain preservatives, so it reacts sensitively to external factors.
      Keep it at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight, and be careful not to let the spoid touch the skin when using it.
      If the contents are altered during use of the product, exchange or return is not possible.

    • Price : $9.23
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Oil 4/22~25
    • Expiry Date : 2026.02.01
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