Frequently Asked Questions

  • JoinQHow do I change my membership information?

    ASign in and click My Account > [Edit] to revise.

  • JoinQCan I change my email?

    AYour email and name cannot be revised. If you want to edit, you have to withdraw and join again.

  • JoinQHow do I cancel my membership?

    ASign in and go to My Account. Then, click on the [Cancel Membership] at the bottom of the Edit section.
    *Please note that once you cancel your membership, your membership points and coupons will be automatically terminated, and you will no longer have access to your order history, postings, and event history.

  • Skincare ConsultationQI’d like to get a consultation to find the right products for my skin. What should I do?

    APlease refer to the [Routines] section on our website for recommended products for each skin types and ideal skin care routines. If you would like personalized consultation, kindly send us a message via PINKWONDER KakaoTalk, detailing your skin condition. We’re glad to provide you with a one-on-one consultation.

  • Payment/ShippingQI got a call from the credit card company after purchasing high-value items.

    AFor certain high-value orders, you may receive a call from your credit card company to verify the transaction. In case where there is suspicion of fraudulent activity or unauthorized use, your order may be put on hold or cancelled.

  • Payment/ShippingQHow long does shipping take?

    AInternational shipping may vary depending on the destinations, and you’ll receive a notification message once the product is shipped out.

  • Payment/ShippingQWhere can I track my order?

    AYou can track your order on [My page] or on Help > [Track order] at the bottom of the page.