• Overview : The magic stone exclusive string is a product devised to establish it as a daily beauty ritual, and helps you hold and use the magic stone more stably without missing it during massage anytime, anywhere.
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    • Product Summary : Magic Stone String2ea

    Magic Stone String

    Magic Stone String2ea


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    • Overview : A special pouch for Magic Stone made of 100% cotton. The thick pouch covers and protects the magic stone appropriately and helps to carry it anywhere, anytime.
      SIZE: W10 x H13 (cm)
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    • Product Summary : Magic Stone Pouch1ea
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    Magic Stone Pouch

    Magic Stone Pouch1ea


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    • Overview : It is a handmade premium beauty tool made with Jeju volcanic clusters collected in the clean nature of Jeju with long time and sincerity. It is produced only from volcanic clusters in the western region with high purity completed with the explosive energy of a 1600°C volcano, and its function is more than twice as effective as that of other regions.

      Product weight: 110g

      ▪︎ Far infrared ray emissivity 91.4%
      ▪︎ No radon detection
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    • Product Summary : Magic Stone1ea
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    Magic Stone

    Magic Stone1ea


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