• Overview : Jojoba Lip Butter.It is a butter-type colored lip balm that delivers excellent moisturizing power with Israeli golden jojoba oil and organic cactus extract. Jojoba Lip Butter, which applied anti-aging core technology developed with the University of Bologna Convention Research Institute in Italy, adds natural light to the lips with its deep and fast penetration, and its texture is non-stick and adheres comfortably even when applied frequently.

      Jojoba Lip Butter Gentle Orange 01
      A clear-lit orange lip butter that lights up the complexion.

      Jojoba Lip Butter Bright Coral 02
      Coral lip butter that makes your skin shine with calming coral.

      Jojoba Lip Butter Rose Plum 03
      Rose Plum Lip Butter, elegant with a natural shade.

      Jojoba Lip Butter Mute Burgundy 04
      a calm muted burgundy with a low saturation of reddish-brown.

      Four colors of Jojoba Lib Butter impress you with their own beauty.

      ▪︎ Natural coloration that adds a healthy volume to the skin
      ▪︎ It has a glossy finish that is not sticky even when applied frequently.

      If the tube is filled with the contents, it may be difficult to attach the finish of the tube, which may cause the contents to leak out. To prevent this, we would like to inform you that it is only filled up to the appropriate line, and all of them are quantitatively filled products.
    • Price : $19.23
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Lip Butter 7.5g
    • Expiry Date : Butter Balm / 2025.12.17 / Gentle Orange, Bright Coral / 2026.03.13 / Rose Plum, Mute Burgundy / 2026.03.14

    Jojoba Lip Butter

    Jojoba Lip Butter 7.5g


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    • Overview : Jojoba Protection Sunscreen is a combination of jojoba seed oil and tiger grass ingredients, which are excellent for skin soothing, and has a soft, non-sticky texture that protects the skin from UV rays and provides a natural tone-up effect.

      Jojoba Protection Sunscreen
      ▪︎Improvement of moisturization affected by UV exposure.
      ▪︎Improvement of moisture loss caused by UV exposure.
      ▪︎Improvement of skin texture affected by UV exposure.
      ▪︎Calming of skin damage caused by UV exposure.
      ▪︎Non-irritating test results: "None."
      ▪︎Completed sensitivity irritation test.
      ▪︎Completed primary skin irritation test.
      ▪︎Easy-washable product.

    • Price : $34.62
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Protection Sunscreen 50ml
    • Expiry Date : 2026.02.18

    Jojoba Protection Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ / triple functionality

    Jojoba Protection Sunscreen 50ml


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    • Overview : PINKWONDER's jojoba butter balm Introducing our multi-purpose butter balm enriched with organic Golden Jojoba Seed Oil and Cactus Seed Oil, known for their exceptional moisturizing properties.

      ▪︎ Helps improve moisturization of the skin's stratum corneum up to 10 layers immediately.
      ▪︎ Assists in maintaining moisture retention under hot/cold air conditions.
      ▪︎ Provides a lip bling (radiance) effect.
      ▪︎ Primary irritation (no skin irritation test results indicate no irritation).
    • Price : $16.92
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Butter Balm7.5g
    • Expiry Date : 2025.12.17

    Jojoba Butter Balm

    Jojoba Butter Balm7.5g


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    • Overview : This is a highly Jojoba moisturizing barrier cream that is packed with the energy of Israeli Golden Jojoba Seed Oil and extracts obtained directly from nature.
      After years of research, PINKWONDER has developed a resilient texture that smoothly penetrates the skin upon application, providing care from within for healthy and clear skin.

      ▪︎ Dual functionality for whitening and wrinkle improvement.

    • Price : $44.62
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream50ml
    • Expiry Date : 2027.03.05

    Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream

    Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream50ml


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    • Overview : Jojoba Oil contains the energy of Israeli grade 1 golden jojoba oil. It provides abundant moisture and nutrition to all skin types, and sensitive skin can be used with confidence.

      jojoba oil
      ▪︎ German Dermatest Excellence Rating
      ▪︎ Improve your skin's moisturizing ability with just one use
      ▪︎ Improve transdermal water loss in just one use
      ▪︎ Improve dead skin cells in just one use
      ▪︎ Anti-dry effect in just one use
      ▪︎ 3 types of moisture layered effect in just one use.
      ▪︎ Hold moisture for 72 hours in just one use
      ▪︎ Moisture protection that will evaporate in just one use
      ▪︎ Improve skin barrier with just one use
      ▪︎ Skin hypoallergenic test completed
      ▪︎ No hazardous substances detected

      Pink Wonder jojoba oil does not contain preservatives, so it reacts sensitively to external factors.
      Keep it at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight, and be careful not to let the spoid touch the skin when using it.
      If the contents are altered during use of the product, exchange or return is not possible.
    • Price : $52.31
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Oil50ml
    • Expiry Date : 호호바오일 : 2026.02.01

    Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba Oil50ml


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    • Overview : This is the Jojoba Vita Cream, formulated with Israel's finest grade Golden jojoba Seed Oil and a combination of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B12.
      The cream contains Vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, which helps moisturize the skin, and a red-colored water-soluble form of Vitamin B12 called cyanocobalamin, which effectively soothes skin itching.
      The cream utilizes liquid crystal technology to provide relief for dry skin itching

      ▪︎ Provides 80% relief from itching caused by dryness.
      ▪︎ Increases skin moisture content by 71%.
      ▪︎ Reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by 23%.
      ▪︎ Successfully passed skin irritation testing, indicating it is gentle on the skin.
    • Price : $60.77
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Vita Cream 100ml
    • Expiry Date : 2026.01.02

    Jojoba Vita Cream

    Jojoba Vita Cream 100ml


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    • Overview : Jojoba mochi-vation™ Cream Mask is a wash-off type mask that nourishes the skin with a chewy cream formulation blended with high-quality Yeo-ju rice fermentation ingredients and brightens the skin. You can immediately experience a clear complexion and smooth skin texture with just one use.

      ▪︎ It helps to improve pore water immediately (temporarily)
      ▪︎ It helps to improve the pore area immediately (temporarily)
      ▪︎ It helps to improve pore volume immediately (temporarily)
      ▪︎ Helps with immediate (temporary) pore tightening effect
      ▪︎ Helps improve immediate (temporary) cheek lifting
      ▪︎ It helps to improve the skin density (temporary) immediately.
      ▪︎ It helps with immediate (temporary) skin tone improvement.
      ▪︎ It helps to relieve immediate (temporary) facial swelling.
      ▪︎ It helps to improve skin roughness immediately (temporary)
      ▪︎ It helps with immediate (temporary) skin exfoliation.
      ▪︎ It helps to improve the moisturizing effect of your skin immediately (temporarily)
      ▪︎ Skin hypoallergenic test completed

    • Price : $36.92
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Mochi-Vation™ Cream Mask 90g
    • Expiry Date : 2026. 01. 25

    Jojoba Mochi-Vation™ Cream Mask

    Jojoba Mochi-Vation™ Cream Mask 90g


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    • Overview : Jojoba seed extract, jojoba seed oil, and an 8-layer hyaluronic acid complex are infused in this sheet mask, providing immediate and deep hydration to the skin.
      The mask is made of a water gel-type vegan fabric that adheres transparently and fits tightly to the skin.

      ▪︎ Vegan-certified fabric
      ▪︎ Fabric biodegradability test completed
      ▪︎ Environmentally friendly cellulose material
    • Price : $34.62
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Deep Moisture Sheet Mask23ml x 5ea
    • Expiry Date : 2027.01.04

    Jojoba Deep Moisture Sheet Mask

    Jojoba Deep Moisture Sheet Mask23ml x 5ea


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    • Overview : This is a Jojoba Toner formulated with 1st grade Golden Jojoba Seed Oil from Israel and patented extract of wild strawberry leaves. It is the result of extensive research and is a perfect blend of moisturizing essence. It delivers immediate hydration and rich nutrients to the skin.

    • Price : $32.31
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Toner200ml
    • Expiry Date : 2026. 06. 18

    Jojoba Toner

    Jojoba Toner200ml


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