• Overview : PINKWONDER's jojoba oil contains the energy of Israel's top-grade golden jojoba seed oil.
      It provides abundant moisture and nourishment to all skin types, and can be safely used even on sensitive skin.

      ▪︎ Improvement in skin moisturization with just one use
      ▪︎ Improvement in transepidermal water loss with just one use
      ▪︎ Improvement in skin exfoliation with just one use
      ▪︎ Anti-dryness effect with just one use
      ▪︎ Three-layered moisturizing effect with just one use
      ▪︎ 72-hour moisture holding with just one use
      ▪︎ Protection against moisture evaporation with just one use
      ▪︎ Improvement in skin barrier with just one use
      ▪︎ Tested for low skin irritation
      ▪︎ Free from harmful substances.
    • Price : $52.31
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Oil50ml
    • Expiry Date : 호호바오일 : 2025.01.29

    Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba Oil50ml


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    • Overview : This is the Jojoba Vita Cream, formulated with Israel's finest grade Golden jojoba Seed Oil and a combination of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B12.
      The cream contains Vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, which helps moisturize the skin, and a red-colored water-soluble form of Vitamin B12 called cyanocobalamin, which effectively soothes skin itching.
      The cream utilizes liquid crystal technology to provide relief for dry skin itching

      ▪︎ Provides 80% relief from itching caused by dryness.
      ▪︎ Increases skin moisture content by 71%.
      ▪︎ Reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) by 23%.
      ▪︎ Successfully passed skin irritation testing, indicating it is gentle on the skin.
    • Price : $79.00
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Vita Cream 100ml
    • Expiry Date : 2025. 02. 26

    Jojoba Vita Cream

    Jojoba Vita Cream 100ml


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    • Price : $6.92
    • Product Summary : 핑크원더 스크런치3ea


    핑크원더 스크런치3ea


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    • Overview : Hojoba Elephant Cushion SPF 40 PA++ (12g + Refill 12g)
      This is the world's first jojoba elephant cushion completed with the combination of Israeli golden jojoba seed oil and bottled glue extract.The moisturizing base adheres evenly to the skin to maintain moisture and block ultraviolet rays.Moist application without stickiness gives a refreshing finish and helps the makeup last longer.

    • Price : $58.00
    • Product Summary : Makeup set.12g +Refill 12g
    • Expiry Date : 2024. 09. 19

    Make-up Set

    Makeup set.12g +Refill 12g


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    • Overview : A disposable face towel made from 100% biodegradable cotton linters. The soft cross section cleans away residues without irritating the skin.

      ▪︎100% pure cotton
      ▪︎No harmful substances detected
      ▪︎No formaldehyde detected
      ▪︎Fluorescent whitening agent not detected
      ▪︎100% vegan fabric
      ▪︎Certified biodegradable fabric
      ▪︎Oeko-Tex certified fabric
    • Price : $22.00
    • Product Summary : Basic Pure Face Towel100pcs
    • Expiry Date : -

    Basic Pure Face Towel

    Basic Pure Face Towel100pcs


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