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    • Overview : Jojoba Lip Butter.It is a butter-type colored lip balm that delivers excellent moisturizing power with Israeli golden jojoba oil and organic cactus extract. Jojoba Lip Butter, which applied anti-aging core technology developed with the University of Bologna Convention Research Institute in Italy, adds natural light to the lips with its deep and fast penetration, and its texture is non-stick and adheres comfortably even when applied frequently.

      Jojoba Lip Butter Gentle Orange 01
      A clear-lit orange lip butter that lights up the complexion.

      Jojoba Lip Butter Bright Coral 02
      Coral lip butter that makes your skin shine with calming coral.

      Jojoba Lip Butter Rose Plum 03
      Rose Plum Lip Butter, elegant with a natural shade.

      Jojoba Lip Butter Mute Burgundy 04
      a calm muted burgundy with a low saturation of reddish-brown.

      Four colors of jojoba rib butter impress you with their own beauty.

      ▪︎ Natural coloration that adds a healthy volume to the skin
      ▪︎ It has a glossy finish that is not sticky even when applied frequently.

      If the tube is filled with the contents, it may be difficult to attach the finish of the tube, which may cause the contents to leak out. To prevent this, we would like to inform you that it is only filled up to the appropriate line, and all of them are quantitatively filled products.

      PINKWONDER My Lip Butter Keyring.is a holder and keyring product that can carry 'Jojoba Butter Bomb' or 'Johoba Lip Butter' with a soft butter silhouette. Join jojoba lip products every day with key rings reminiscent of savory butter.

      Made of silicone, it provides a soft buttery texture, and with excellent durability and protection, it can be hung on bags and pouches, helping to provide lip care anytime, anywhere.

      Meet the natural and healthy beauty up close.

      *Johoba Butter Balm & Lip Butter may fade over time due to exposure to direct sunlight during external activities, but it is a natural phenomenon, so you can use it with confidence.

      Special Gift - End when quantity is exhausted
      ▪︎ When option 3 is purchased, 1 My Lip Butter Keyring gift

      *Producer Guide*
      ▪︎ Option number 4, scheduled to be delivered sequentially on July 1st (Monday)
    • Price : $19.23
    • Product Summary : Jojoba Lip Butter 7.5g
    • Expiry Date : Butter Balm / 2025.12.17 / Gentle Orange, Bright Coral / 2026.03.13 / Rose Plum, Mute Burgundy / 2026.03.14
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