Brightening care that should not be overlooked even for weak skin

As the weather gets hotter these days, if you notice pigmentation, freckles, and other blemishes becoming more noticeable and your skin darkening due to daily exposure to UV rays, it's essential to identify the causes of darkening.


Dry, troubled skin often appears dull due to lifted dead skin cells and pigmentation. It's also more susceptible to irritation, redness, and roughness from harmful environmental factors, causing frequent breakouts. Therefore, it's necessary to replenish moisture and enhance skin barrier recovery.

*Product usage order:
1) Dispense an appropriate amount of "Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser" onto dry hands and gently massage it onto the dry face. Wet your hands and massage again, then rinse off with lukewarm water.
2) Dispense "Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash" onto wet hands, create enough foam, and gently cleanse the face.

*Basic Care:
1) Drop 3-4 drops of "Jojoba Oil" on your palm, spread it widely, and apply it to your cheeks, allowing it to absorb.
2) Spray "Neroli Brightening Mist" 2-3 times over the entire face and gently pat for full absorption.
3) Apply a small amount of "Neroli Brightening Serum" and allow it to be fully absorbed.
4) Finally, apply a thin layer of "Jojoba Vita Cream."

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