The right cleansing method to rebuild from the foundation of the New Year

Developed with the unique technology of PINKWONDER, Tamanu Hero Cleanser is an Oil to Foam type product that delivers immediate moisture sensation by blending Israeli 1st grade golden jojoba seed oil and salicylic acid, gently removing waste in the pores. It provides a moist moisture sensation to troubled skin with skin problems, sensitive and dry skin, and delivers a fresh usage feeling.

How to Use
Take an appropriate amount, dampen it slightly with lukewarm water, and finish washing your face with rich foam. However, for strong color makeup, please use a dedicated remover.

Try alternating days of care with the Tamanu Hero Cleanser or water cleansing.

When washing your face twice with the Tamanu Hero Cleanser, it is possible to clean heavy base makeup.

✔️The Tamanu Hero Cleanser is an acne functional cosmetic that contains salicylic acid, so we recommend that pregnant women, women of childbearing age, and nursing mothers avoid using it.

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Tamanu Hero Cleanser.

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